Marching Brass
​Bb Soprano Bugle/K20 Bell

Bb Soprano Bugle/DEG Bell
Bb Trumpets

​F Mellophone
F Alto Bugle
Bb French Horn

Bb Baritone
Bb Euphonium

Bb Contrabass (5/4 Tuba) 
Bb Sousaphone

Concert/Jazz Brass

Bb Trumpets

A/Bb Piccolo Trumpets
Bb Flugelhorn

Bb/F French Horn

Eb Alto Horn

​​Bb Tenor Trombone

Bb/F Rotary Tenor Trombone
Bb/F Axial Tenor Trombone

Bb/F/Gb/D Bass Trombone

Bb Wagner Horn

Bb Compensating Euphonium

Bb 3/4 Piston Tuba

Bb 4/4 Rotary Tuba 


Bb Soprano Sax

Eb Alto Sax

Bb Tenor Sax

About Andalucia Musical Instruments

I am particularly fond of the Latin musical chart Malagueña by the famous Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona, which is part of his Andalucía suite.  This is a tribute to a brilliant man who gave us some of the most memorable modern day Latin compositions!

​Vance Hu


What We Offer

Andalucia Musical Instruments

It wasn't long ago when a professional model trumpet from a big-name brand can be obtained for less than half of today's price.  It is our mission is to bring back that affordability without sacrificing the quality and playability.  

By incorporating the latest computerized manufacturing technology, wind musical instruments have improved at an unprecedented rate.  We were able to tap into that resource through a carefully selected, Japanese co-owned overseas manufacturing facility from China  and Taiwan, using parts made from three continents to create an unique line of brass instruments.  The factories took on our project with pride and enthusiasm, and has achieved a world-class production standard we were seeking - With the assistance of three full-time master craftsmen from England, Germany, and Japan overseeing the production of our instruments.  With a combined Seventy years of experience, we were able to produce brass and woodwind instruments at the highest level possible! 

As a small boutique brand, we believe the best way to deliver our products at the lowest price is through direct marketing.  Please contact us for more information. 


​Vance Hu, Founder of Andalucía Musical Instruments