0.469" Large Bore

5-1/4" Gold Brass ​DEG/Powerbore Bugle Bell
or Optional K20 Bugle Bell

White Brass Lead Pipe

Compact Shepherd's Crook for Intonation Stability

Optional Extra Heavy Valve Cap

Carbone Blasted Monel Pistons

Standard Gold Plated Trim

Andalucia Musical Instruments  proudly presents

AdVance Phase III Bb Soprano "Jr." 
with DEG/Powerbore Soprano Bell

Andalucia AdVance Series Phase III Bb Bugle!

I made it a priority during the inception phase of the Andalucia Musical Instruments to solve the intonation problem encountered by other manufactures, when they attempted to mount the bell from a King K20 soprano G bugle onto a Bb trumpet.  We located the original bell mandrel and went to work on this impossible project; the ending result was stunning! Not only the performance of this new horn surpassed the K20, it also slots better with proper intonation!  

A downscaled version was also developed during the same time with mainstream power players in mind, featuring a slightly narrower bell found on the DEG soprano Bugle.  These horns are no doubt, some of the most powerful soprano brass ever created!  In fact, with our newly developed hybrid brass, this revolutionary design is catching the attention of several heavy hitters in the industry.  Not only the K20 version changed the world of marching pageantry, the “Jr.” DEG version is rocking the mainstream world.  It is the rebirth of a new era for BUGLE, or TRUMPET, however you like to call it.  The option is now available to those who desire the performance of a soprano G bugle, in key of B flat.

It is a dream of my to keep the "Bugle" in Drum and Bugle Corps while expending that powerful sound to all outdoors pageantries.

The World's First and Only Bb Soprano Bugle

AdVance Phase III Bb Soprano"Jr." with in Gold Plated finish: ​$2200.00

Last update 10/7/2017

AdVance Phase III Bb Soprano in Brushed Lacquer finish: $1700.00​

AdVance Phase III Bb Soprano with K20 Bell

Andalucia Musical Instruments

AdVance Phase III Bb Soprano with Berlina Black finish: $1900.00

​*Due to supply issue, we can only produce a small handful of Berlina Black finish.  Please contact us for availability.

AdVance Phase III Bb Soprano with in Silver-plate finish: $1800.00