Andalucia Musical Instruments

David Velazquez
(Mr. Mosquito Whisper)

We welcome David into the Andalucia Family!  This is the second Trumpet he acquired from us and he is loving it!

The Pasion series trumpet is making a lot of waves here in Southern California and David decided to jump on the band wagon!!!

2016 Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps

We are proud to be part of the 2016 Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps.   They performed brilliantly with our AdVance Series Bb Soprano, Mellophone and Baritone.  You can clearly hear the power of our G Bugle spec marching horns!  With only five Sopranos and five Mellophones, the were able to deliver the sound of groups twice their size!

This little giant enter DCI open class by achieving tenth place at finals!  The best is yet to come.  We will be working with closely as they continues to build this group with DCI World Class in as their goal!

AdVance Phase III Bb Soprano "Jr." Powerbore Bell

As usual, Mr. Sandoval took our latest model for a test drive.  

I believe he enjoyed the horn!

"Man, this is a good horn man... You nailed it with this thing, the combination is beautiful!"

Mitch Cooper
Lead Trumpet with Disneyland and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

AdVance Series Phase II Large Bore Bb Trumpet

Often hailed as the next Wayne Bergeron, Mitch is one of the few handful of hotshots in Southern California.  He uses the AdVance Phase II exclusively.  He is currently a full time lead trumpeter at Disneyland!

Sutter Middle School

Concerto Bb ML Bore Trumpets

Concerto Series Tenor Trombone F/Attachment

Concerto Series Bass Trombone

Xpresion Bb Tenor Trombones

Xpresion Series Alto and Tenor Saxaphones

The sister school of Folsom Middle School, also head by Mr. John Zimny.

They are nearly 100% on Andalucia brass wind and saxophones!

Arturo Sandoval

AdVance Series Large Bore Phase II Trumpet with Brushed Lacquer finish

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Mr. Sandoval through our mutual hobby during a cigar event.  Mr. Sandoval sampled our AdVance Large bore Bb trumpet and offered feedbacks.  He also gave us the blessing to use this video as our demo.

Folsom Middle School

Concerto Bb ML Bore Trumpets

Xpresion Bb Tenor Trombones

John Zimny, a DCI Hall of Famer who is the director of this remarkable ensemble, replaced his entire trumpet and trombone line with our horns!  I was able to record this incredible group of talented young musicians playing our horns for the first time - while rehearsing a new song!  One More Time Chuck Corea is no easy task for college bands, and these kids did a hell of a job rehearsing this new song as part of their repertoire!  

Elliot Deutsch

Elliot Deutsch Taking Delivery of and His Personal Model Flugelhorn

Elliot Deutsch was the main evaluator for our Xpresion flugelhorn and trumpet. With his input, we were able to finalize our design for production.  Elliot is a graduate of California State University Long Beach and is the leader of the Elliot Deutsch Big Band in the greater Los Angeles area.  He is also an award winning jazz composer who have worked with many famous names in Southern California!

Scotty Steward

His Quick Take on the Concerto and Pasion Series Bb Trumpet

Scotty is currently the the lead trumpet for the Pink Cadillac R&B Band and the principle trumpet for his mega church in Tennessee.  

Bio: Scotty performed on a 2009 Grammy Nominated recording project and a 2012 Dove Award winner . Scott Steward is a professional road touring and studio trumpet player who has lived and worked as a musician in L.A. and Nashville. He has played lead trumpet for the FOX Reality Show "Next Great American Band" finalist "Denver & The Mile High Orchestra", the Paul Cacia Jazz Orchestra, Louie Bellson, Bill Watrous and many others. In 2013 he performed at Carnegie Hall as principal trumpet with the Mannhattan Pops Orchestra as well as an artist appearance with Denver & The Mile High Orchestra on the same night. Scott was also a member of the Anaheim Cast of the popular Broadway hit show "Blast" and also was a member of "Disneyland's Magic Kingdom Korps" in the 90s.

AdVance Phase III Bb Soprano "Jr." Powerbore Bell

Mr. DCI soloist 1993 and 1995 Scotty Stward.

He is finally able to get a Bb horn that fits the sound he is known for!!!

Just listen to the sound it produces!!!

2016 Ayala High School 

Ruben S Ayala High School of Chino Hills, California is our premier high school marching band.  They are using our Bb soprano, Mellophone (with our specially designed mellophone mouthpiece), and various saxes.

As a multiple Western Band Association (WBA) champions and Bands of America Finalist, we welcome their enthusiasm and desire to be unique in the world of marching art!

AdVance Phase III Bb Soprano Bugle

K20 Bell

A special thanks to Arturo Sandoval, Jim Rogers, Carlos Villa, and Mitch Copper  for evaluating our new Bb Soprano!

Arturo Sandoval 

After two years of trials and error, Mr. Sandoval approved of the performance of our AdVance Series Powerbore Bb Soprano Bugle.   He took it out for a test drive during the 2017 Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.